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  2. Officials in East Lyme, Connecticut have issued a warning after an alligator was spotted in a local lake. View the full article
  3. • 2nd federal judge blocks Trump admin from adding citizenship question to census • Biden issues physical challenge to Trump • Opinion: Trump has met his match View the full article
  4. Under withering questions from GOP Sen. Josh Hawley, a top Google executive said the company has "terminated" its censored Chinese search engine project known as Dragonfly. View the full article
  5. Native Californian Sen. Kamala Harris has pulled into a virtual tie with Democratic nomination front-runner Joe Biden in the Golden State, according to a new poll. View the full article
  6. Talk about a proposal “Well” done. View the full article
  7. Kirk Gibson hit one of the most iconic walk-off home runs in World Series history in 1988 for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 1 against the Oakland Athletics. View the full article
  8. Hell hath no fury like the wrath of Taylor Swift. Scooter Braun, who's been feuding with the country crossover singer for weeks, hinted that Swift's ire aged him. View the full article
  9. Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends" that Nancy Pelosi's speech on the House floor was "clearly over the line," defending his decision to demand that her words be stricken from the public record. View the full article
  10. Buyers who purchase the fixer-uppers in Monti Scìaga, a hamlet of the village Indemini, would be treated scenic views of local valleys and lakes. View the full article
  11. A summer collegiate baseball team’s pint-sized coach went viral for the second straight week but this time it was for losing his temper on an umpire. View the full article
  12. A gold medal that flew aboard the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon with Neil Armstrong has sold for $2,055,000 by Dallas-based Heritage Auctions. The 28-mm solid gold Robbins Medal had been part of the Armstrong Family Collection. View the full article
  13. President Donald Trump might finally have broken Washington. View the full article
  14. On Tuesday night, the Democratic-controlled House did something very rare: They voted to condemn President Donald Trump for his Sunday tweets in which he urged four Democratic congresswomen to return to the countries they came from. View the full article
  15. President Donald Trump told a dramatic story on Twitter last month. View the full article
  16. Republican Kansas Senate candidate Kris Kobach defends President Trump's racist tweets about four Democratic congresswomen of color. View the full article
  17. CNN's Randi Kaye speaks to a group of Republican women who say they don't have a problem with President Trump's racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color. View the full article
  18. CNN's Anderson Cooper expresses his deep concern with President Donald Trump's racist comments. View the full article
  19. Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas on Tuesday introduced his articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, which will force the House to take up the measure later this week. View the full article
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  21. • 'Coco' Gauff is the youngest player to qualify for Wimbledon View the full article
  22. Texas city officials tore down a "Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins" sign in the middle of the night Friday, according to the local police. View the full article
  23. The incredible ruins of an ancient palace in Iraqi Kurdistan have emerged from the waters of the Tigris River. View the full article
  24. A Florida family’s summer beach outing was interrupted when a dad said he spotted a shark lurking through the shallow water near his three young children. View the full article
  25. American tennis prodigy Cori Gauff, 15, defeated Venus Williams in the first round of Wimbledon on Monday, becoming the youngest to win a match at the tournament since 1991. View the full article
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