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  2. Millions of people could be in the dark for days after Hurricane Irma toppled overhead power lines. The delay raises the question of whether an underground electrical grid would have better weathered the storm -- and helped get life back to normal quicker. View the full article
  3. Democratic leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi said following a Wednesday night meeting with President Donald Trump that they have "agreed" to a fix on DACA and resolved iron out a border-security plan -- "excluding" the US-Mexico border wall that was one of Trump's most memorable campaign promises. View the full article
  4. For a few minutes on Thursday morning it appeared that Donald Trump -- the man who launched his presidential campaign by deriding immigrants and bathed in chants of "build the wall" at campaign rallies -- was open to a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the United States. View the full article
  5. Florida's orange industry was headed for its best harvest in a long time. Then, Hurricane Irma struck. View the full article
  6. Residents of St. John, US Virgin Islands are returning home and cleaning up, following the devastation of Hurricane Irma. CNN's Isa Soares reports. View the full article
  7. One outcome of President Trump's surprise budget deal with Democrats is a potential December showdown over the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and its hundreds of thousands of young beneficiaries. All eyes will turn to Congress -- where, admittedly, a major immigration deal has eluded DC lawmakers for decades now. View the full article
  8. CNN's Sara Ganim speaks to a St. Thomas family that narrowly escaped their collapsing home during Hurricane Irma. View the full article
  9. At this point, a day or two without power seems like just a minor inconvenience. Maybe some spoiled milk in the fridge. Or the frustration of a drained cellphone. View the full article
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  11. Edith Windsor, the plaintiff in the 2013 United States Supreme Court case that struck down a federal law defining marriage as between a man and a woman, has died at 88, according to her lawyer. View the full article
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